What I Miss About Iceland or: What I Did Not Miss About the US

It has been about a year since this whole study abroad adventure began! And this blog has taken me a bit longer than I was expecting/hoping, but that’s life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  So here is a short and sweet post about the reverse culture shock (which was very real) and some of the things that I miss about Iceland.


Things I did not miss about the US (i.e. the reverse culture shock) 

  • Everything is huge. Like, even grocery stores are spread out.
  • Cars. Cars everywhere. Drivers not watching for pedestrians.
  • Everything is open all the time? Why? Why is this?
  • Things are so spread out? It would be unreasonable for me to walk to the nearest grocery store. That was tricky to get used to again.


Essentially, reverse culture shock is a very real thing. I knew that lots of things are bigger and louder in the US, but I got to experience that first hand a little bit.

IMG_2396Things I am going to miss about Iceland

  • Coffee everywhere (at school, at banks, everywhere)
  • Being able to walk everywhere (Akureyri is tiny, y’all)
  • Roundabouts. They make driving much easier.
  • Driving for probably literal hours and not passing any other cars
  • Things just feel a little more laid back… not sure why.
  • Kids are often out on the town without supervision and it’s always a fun time
  • The endless, guilt free supply of hot water (waves at CA drought)*
  • I don’t know where Icelanders get their beds/ how they make them. But damn are they consistently comfy. *

akureyri sunrise

By the way, I do miss how cold it was in Iceland.


*I wrote and published this blog under the influence of a considerable fever and totally forgot these two things!! So there here now 🙂


One response to “What I Miss About Iceland or: What I Did Not Miss About the US

  1. Wonderful, and I agree after living abroad for all these years. Life is more laid back (and simpler!). I’ve enjoyed your blogs very much. I laughed so much at your comment about the cold at the end of each one, so the last line here made me snort!!


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