An American in Paris

Mom and I covered a lot of ground our last full day. We started early with grabbing the metro to a yarn store. It was a cute little boutique store with a very sweet scene in one corner—a group of ladies. They were sitting around a table with mugs of tea, helping each other with their knitting. I sat with them while my mom picked out some yarn. That was relatively quick errand, however.


Next, we walked down to Shakespeare & Co., an English Language bookstore. It was incredible. It is a beautiful building, and it’s completely filled with books. Wall to wall. Floor to ceiling. They have mostly newer editions, but they do have a section completely dedicated to rare books. The sad part about Shakespeare & Co. is that you’re not allowed to take pictures of the interior. But their selection is impeccable, their prices are normal, and their staff is lovely.


After Shakespeare & Co. it was time to go to Maison du Chou. For more on that, see this blog post: Food in France (it’s all the way at the bottom). We passed Notre Dame, street artists, street performers, dogs playing in the river, and a bit of bridge loaded with locks. It was a busy afternoon. Once we had a box of cream puffs, we walked all the way back down to the Louvre to meet Max.


Max is a family friend from Scotland who I “convinced” to meet up with us in Paris and accompany me to Amsterdam. If you’re interested in his photography (and you should be), you can find his website here: Max’ site

So we all met up at the Louvre, took pictures, and enjoyed cream puffs. Once we disposed of the box, I don’t think we stopped moving until several hours later, for dinner. We walked past many famous bridges back down to the Eiffel Tower, then over to Jardins du Trocadéro, and then down through neighborhoods back towards Notre Dame.



After dinner, we walked down to Notre Dame to see her front façade. Soon, though, we were cold and near exhausted. So we took the metro back to our accommodations to rest up for another big day.

Last day in Paris! And we certainly made the most of it. Mom wanted to return to the market, and so while she did that, Max and I visited the Musee D’Orsay. Here are some pictures:


I really love how Musee D’Orsay is set up


And also this clock



Now onto the art…



Part of why I love Van Gogh so much is the dimension of his work. The literal 3D ness of it.


Homeboy was there



Baby Mozart



Sensing a theme? 


Some Elven furniture for all you nerds


The best desk I’ve ever seen, probably


We inspected this stature for some time


The detail on this sculpture is incredible

These are faces not frequently seen in Western art… I was very happy to see them.


This piece made me laugh… He’s maybe half a foot tall…


The sculptor made excellent use of his material (note the strata in the back) 


Another version of The Birth of Venus


Familiar faces…


Art is what you make of it…


One of my faves. 🙂 The artist is also the namesake of one of the Aristocats. 


Tag yourself


Portrait of one of the group studios of the impressionist era


Possibly my favorite portrait…



Rare canvas shape spotted


Afterwards, we collected our belongings, said au revoir to Mom and made our way to the train station. By tea time, we were speeding through the French countryside, through Belgium, to Amsterdam. But that’s another post…

By the way France is pretty cold on a clear night…


View from the top floor of Musee D’Orsay


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