thanksgiving-part-oneToday is American Thanksgiving. And yesterday my roommates and I celebrated. We made way too much food, introduced some Europeans to pumpkin pie, and had an awesome time. And about a month ago we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, thereby introducing some Swiss friends to the tradition. Since then, and since I arrived in Iceland I have had much to be thankful for. So here’s my list:




  • thankful for supportive family and friends from back home (or where ever in the world they may be)
  •  thankful for the opportunity to be here at all, and for all the sacrifices, planning, and logistics that went into it
  • thankful for all the people that I have met here, Icelanders and foreigners alike
  • thankful for all things they have taught me (about tree planting, about Icelandic culture, about my own school…)
  • thankful for two thanksgivings this year (!)
  • thankful to have learned so much this semester and reminded that there’s so much left to learn
  • thankful for all the friends I have made
  • thankful that I have been able to live with such awesome people
  • thankful for leftovers
  • thankful for all the amazing laughter, pictures, and memories that I now have
  • thankful to be living in a country that trusts me to eat kinder surprise eggs without dying


By the way it’s not as cold this week.


Happy Thanksgiving!



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