Literally Just a Bunch of Pictures


I know that it’s been way too long since I posted an update, but honestly there hasn’t been much to report. But anyway. Here’s a bunch of pictures I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks, with some explanation along the way.

If my iPhone can capture the northern lights, then you know they were crazy. Soon after we got back from Reykjavik there was an incredibly clear night, and lots of curtains of the aurora. I’ve filtered this photos, so they’re less authentic, but you can see the shapes better 🙂


In mid October, one of my classes took a field trip to three farms in the greater Akureyri area. While I didn’t learn anything especially new, it was nice to get outside and pet some cows and farm dogs.





The above picture shows a milking robot. I’ve seen- and used- milking machines before, but never have I heard of a device that removes humans from the hands on part of milking. This machine is always running and the cows come to be milked as they like.



Church near the the third, experimental farm.


My roommates (among others) have taken up disc golf. Below is the view from on the way to one of the courses.



By the way it’s cold. And it’s been windy too.


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