Being for the Benefit of the Introvert


Summary of the first half of today: Wake up. Go to school. Sit through a sllooowwwwwwww class on Roman law. Discuss weekend plans over a strange, but delicious Nordic bread thingy. Go back to the most sluggish class I’ve been in in a while. Walk through the ice rain to downtown to visit the German house (Guesthouse that has a majority German population). All of those activities involved at least two other people.

UNAK housin

The mountains before it snowed 


Being around fun people is awesome. You learn things from and about them. For example, some people think that pasta boiled in what seems to be an attempt at sea water is delicious. It also affords you a bit of security when wandering in a new town. All that being said, I do enjoy solitude.

After departing from the guesthouse this afternoon, I familiarized myself with downtown. This included an errand to the post office, stopping at the iconic coffee house, and exploring shops. Some of you have souvenirs now, by the way. Once I was comfortably numb, I hopped a bus and learned which stop is closest to the dorm.

downtown trolls

Also a landmark in downtown Akureyri– the trolls

The advantage of being by myself is that you can do whatever I want. I can linger in the bookstore as long as I like. I can stop for coffee without consulting anyone. And most importantly, it’s far easier to blend in. And blending allows for a very different, less overwhelming experience, for me anyway. Just wandering around at my leisure and taking things in at my own pace is great. I noticed more when I wasn’t trying to keep track of my companions and I wasn’t worried about keeping up. So, even if you’re an extremely social person, I recommend taking at least an afternoon to step out solo.

looking at UNAK emily

Not me


By the way, it’s cold.


P.S. The Northern Lights look like glow in the dark clouds this early in the game. 🙂


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